Dr. Charlene Reid

Dr. Charlene Reid

Head Practitioner

Dr. Charlene Reid is the founder and Head Practitioner of Easy Dental Care, with offices in Grand Bahama, Exuma, Nassau and coming soon to Abaco. In 2003, she obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Havana’s Dental Faculty in Havana, Cuba. She is fluent in Spanish and can converse in French.

Dr. Reid is a proud entrepreneur with businesses in The Bahamas and the United States. She has expanded her business portfolio to include food procurement, medical diagnostic testing, cosmetic products, and online e-commerce. She is currently writing her memoir.

Dr. Reid also created the original Bahamian animated character: Oriel Tooth Defender, as a branded icon and advocate for dental health for children and adults.

Dr. Reid is committed to staying abreast of modern technologies, to continually advance and educate her fellow countrymen on the importance and benefits of dental health. She will continue to take The Bahamas by storm as a model of success for Bahamian women in business and family life.


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